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Exerecise Resistance Band Handle Grips (With Elastic Hose)


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Exerecise Resistance Band Handle Grips Gym Training Grip Strength Sling Trainer for Pull-up Bars Barbells and Pulling Machines

Package includes:
1 x Handle Grips (With Elastic Hose)

Fewer joint injuries: More natural grip positions
New muscle stimuli: More range of motion (ROM)
More functional training : More body tension required
INJURY PREVENTION – The most joint-friendly grips are neutral (90° position) and rotating. Important pull exercises often miss these grip options.
MUSCLE GROWTH – These mentioned grip angles stimulate the back musculature more efficiently, which in turn, cause a better squeeze in the lats.
FUNCTIONAL TRAINING – More dynamic movements help develop more stabilization and body tension. These are basic requirements for all types of strength training.

Color: Orange
Dimensions: Handle Grips-13.5cm( 5.3''); Packing Bag-14*20CM(5.5*7.9'')

Note: The product parameter information is measured manually, and there may be an error of 5-10mm. Due to the different material and display equipment of the product, there may be a slight difference between the color of the picture and the real object. The color shall be subject to the actual product color.

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